Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sea Lions at Point Labatt

Point Labatt Conservation Reserve
About half an hour south of Streaky Bay is a small reserve that extends out into the ocean. It's called Point Labatt and it's there to conserve the habitat of a colony of Australian Sea Lions. It's the only colony of the mainland and can be easily seen from a viewing platform. Apparently they cohabit with New Zealand Fur Seals and while we were there we saw about thirty animals loafing on the rocks and beach but I couldn't tell what I was looking at. Were they seals or sea lions? Were they juveniles or adults? Were they females or males?

Point Labatt sea lion colony as seen from the viewing platform.

Crested Terns and Black-faced Cormorants were also on the rocks.

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Paula said...

Hi Lorraine, I'm really enjoying this series of posts, since I spent about 3 years working on Eyre Peninsula as an ecologist. You're bringing back many memories of the landscapes, flora and fauna. Thankyou!
Most of the pinnipeds laying on the rocks in your photos are indeed sea lions - the females generally have the pale colours while the pups are a darker brown. But it is tricky - I'm not sure about the one you photographed that's sitting up - looks like a male but could be a sea lion or fur seal? Have a great trip! Cheers, Paula